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Extreme Windsurfing

Extreme Windsurfing

Location: Atlantic City, United States
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Windsurfing is a great extreme water sport and wave enthusiasts have been practicing this sport for some while now. With the appropriate board and sail any session can be a unique experience. In the last years another great water sport has emerged and has more and more fans as the time passes. It is called Kitesurfing, and just like windsurfing it uses a board and a kite instead of a sail.

Both windsurfing and kitesurfing are superb sports, fun, relaxing and recreational. If you haven’t yet practiced one of them you should start doing that. If you live in Atlantic City, NJ, or if it happens to be in the area, you should know that Extreme Windsurfing is a highly professional windsurfing and kitesurfing school. The school is located near Lakes Bay, an area well known for the nice landscape, sandy beach and constant winds. It is the perfect location to learn these water sports or train and progress if you are a more experienced rider. Once you get to the Extreme Windsurfing, you will find here anything you need, from comfortable lockers to a snack bar, where you can take lunch between lessons. Don’t worry if you do not yet own the necessary gear for windsurfing or kitesurfing. Here you will find the latest equipment which you can rent for a decent fee. The lessons are also affordable, so there is no excuse for missing one of them. A great thing about the Extreme Windsurfing school is that it also has great demo programs. Here you can test the newest kites, sails and boards that famous manufacturers have just released on the market. Once you have picked up the basics of these two sports you might like particular boards, sail, kite or other piece of equipment. If that happens, be sure to visit the shop, where you will surely find it for sale.

The Extreme Windsurfing not only that is a well known and respected school, but it also hosts national clinics several times on the year. Highly skilled and certified instructors, top quality gear, a great site, Extreme Windsurfing has all you desire if you decide to learn extreme water sports, train to get new skills or wish to take part in major events.

Contact details:

7079 Black Horse Pike
West Atlantic City, NJ 08232
Phone: 609-641-4445