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Michigan Sailing Club

Michigan Sailing Club

Location: Dexter, MI, United States
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The Michigan Sailing Club has a long history. It was started in the late 1938 to offer sailing and training sessions for the students at the Naval Architecture University. Over the years, as sailing and windsurfing become more and more popular, the role of the Michigan Sailing Club extended, and nowadays it provides full training and lesson programs for anyone who loves water sports.

The club is located in Dexter, near Baseline Lake, a friendly and professional team awaits you here to teach you the tricks of windsurfing and sailing. From kids to adults, anyone can join the club, and the only requirement is that any member should know to swim. The staff is always cautious and pays great attention to visitors, but this is an extra precaution measure. A great thing about the Michigan Sailing Club is that it offers very affordable programs, and the first two visits are free. If you like the people and the landscape you can stay, if you think it is not suited for you, you can leave anytime. Of course that once you get here you will love the Baseline Lake, and once you set foot on a windsurfing board or on a board you will never want to leave this place. The Michigan Sailing Club is not only for beginners only. Advanced or experienced sailors can participate in racing competitions, benefit from advanced clinics, have their boats and boards repaired, and not only.

The club does not own a cantina or a snack bar, so it is advised to take your lunch with you. Also no alcohol and no pets are allowed. When you join the Michigan Sailing Club, you join a team of professionals, and soon you will become a pro rider too. If you want to take a visit at the Michigan Sailing Club, no reservation is required. Pass by Saturday morning or afternoon for an introductory session or anytime after 6:30PM in the weekend if you are an experienced rider.

Contact details:

8010 Strawberry Lake Road, Dexter, MI 48190