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Ultimate Watersports

Ultimate Watersports

Location: Middle River, MD, United States
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Windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, kiteboarding, and all extreme water sports become more and more popular these days. If you like them, and you would like to perform just like your favorite rider out on the waves it is time to go to school. A great place to take the first steps and learn the basics of kayaking, Stand up Paddleboarding, windsurfing and sailing is the Ultimate Watersports school.

The school operates two facilities, the Hammerman Beachfront location, situated at Gunpowder Falls State Park, Hammerman Area, 7200 Graces Quarters Rd. which is dedicated to SUP, windsurfing, boat sailing and kayaking and the Dundee Creek facility, located at Dundee Creek Marina, 7400 Graces Quarters Rd., which is great for kayaking and Stand up Paddleboarding. At both locations you can enjoy perfect waves and wind conditions for your first training sessions. At Ultimate Watersports you will find the best certified instructors, who know exactly how to teach you master the waves. If you don’t already own the equipment you need don’t worry, because here you can rent all the proper gear for a reasonable fee. The price of the sessions is also very affordable, so anyone who comes to the Ultimate Watersports can learn to practice water sports at a decent price. Here you will use only high quality gear, so you can learn fast, easy and safe the basics of extreme water sports. After you pick up the basics, be sure that the Ultimate Watersports team will teach you the tricks that turn casual riders to pros and champs.

A great thing about the Ultimate Watersports is that is not only a water sports school. It also hosts corporate, school or group parties, it has great family programs, it offers teambuilding packages and organizes superb winter and summer camps for children. Ultimate Watersports is a great place for those looking to learn water sports and a great resort at the same time.


Contact details:

Hammerman Beach Area
7200 Graces Quarters Road
Middle River MD 21220

Dundee Creek Marina Area
7400 Graces Quarters Road
Middle River MD 21220