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Boardworks Joyride 2012

Boardworks Joyride 2012

Board Type: All Round  Beginner
Manufacturer: Boardworks
Year: 2012
Board Sizes:

7'11" - Nose: 25 7/8", Width: 31 1/4", Tail: 22 1/2", Thickness: 4 1/4"

8'11" - Nose: 25 7/8", Width: 32 1/8", Tail: 22 9/16", Thickness: 4 5/16"

9'11" - Nose: 25 5/16", Width: 32 15/16", Tail: 21 3/4", Thickness: 4 3/4"

10'11" - Nose: 25 3/8", Width: 34 3/16", Tail: 22 5/8", Thickness: 5 1/8"


The 2012 Boardworks SUP board lineup gathers specific board models for each SUP enthusiast, depending on his skills and needs. If you are a casual rider or a beginner one, then you need a forgiving and easy to control board to enjoy a safe and fun glide. You need the Joyride.

The Boardworks Joyride is extremely stable and very easy to use.  The board also features a shorter outline which makes it much easier to maneuver than longer platforms. This feature also allows the rider to easily fit it into any pocket, easier to transport and store. The Joyride comes in three sizes with 34", 33", and 32" widths, to suit all kind of riders. It can be used by men, women and kids without any hassle.

It uses a full Softdeck which provides a soft platform for the feet and prevents the rider from injuries in case he falls and bumps on the deck. Boardworks has used a flat rocker and thick foils to make sure the board is steady in any conditions and can be handled without effort. The board features a fun graphic design and can be used on lakes, rivers and oceans by anyone. It is engineered using Boardworks’ SDK construction technology, based on ASA bottom and rails and croc skin EVA foam layers, which provides a safe and comfortable ride.