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C4 Waterman iSUP Sub Vector 2012

C4 Waterman iSUP Sub Vector 2012

Board Type: Inflatable  River  Surfing
Manufacturer: C4 Waterman
Year: 2012
Board Sizes:

Length: 9’3
Width: 30.0
Thickness: 4.0
Weight: 19.8 lbs
Volume: 139L

Length: 10’0
Width: 30.0
Thickness: 4.0
Weight: 20.8 lbs
Volume: 149L


The iSUP series of boards introduced by C4 Waterman this season is especially designed for the rider who travels a lot and demands high performance gear. These are top performance inflatable boards which can accommodate virtually any rider. The C4 Waterman iSUP Sub Vector is a perfect choice for surf and river runs. The board offers high maneuverability and feels very steady. The board is extremely easy to inflate, deflate, transport and store.

Once it is launched on the water, it runs smooth and feels very agile. It features a progressive rocker which generates a good speed and exceptional control. The board also offers very good turning performance. Although it is an inflatable board, the iSUP Sub Vector is rigid and durable and offers the same performance as a solid board. It excels in lakes and on rivers and can be used by beginners and advanced riders alike.

It is crafted using heavy-duty, military-grade, double-wall PVC fabrics. It is also stitched with 30% additional thicker, high-tensile fiber thread which makes it highly durable. This board is also equipped with the patent pending CUTTLEFISH system. This is a new fin system which allows the rider to use a wide range of FCS fins apart from the flexible permanent fins. The board comes complete with pump, travel bag and board strap, deck pad and pump.