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Cabrinha Cabby 2012

Cabrinha Cabby 2012

Board Type: All Round  Beginner
Manufacturer: Cabrinha
Year: 2012
Board Sizes:

10'2" x 32" x 4 1/2", 170L


The Cabby is the most user friendly SUP board from the 2012 Cabrinha board range. It is an all round paddling platform, suited to all SUP enthusiasts. The board is well balanced, it offers a smooth glide and it is very easy to control. It is a perfect choice for cruising around, for beginner riders, for the whole family or for SUP schools and resorts. The user friendly outline assures a smooth ride in flat water or in small or medium surf.

The board is always very stable and feels very forgiving. It can perform nice turns and reaches a good speed, but it is always easy to drive. A flexible tri fin setup provides good grip and control at all times. The Cabby is equipped with a semi soft outer shell which provides excellent comfort and prevents the rider from injuries in case he falls and hits the deck. This shell also protects the board from taking damage. Additional tip and tail bumpers as well as a full rail tape add extra protection for both the rider and the board.

Cabrinha has engineered the Cabby using a lightweight EPS core and a PE exterior. This structure assures an optimal strength to weight ratio. The Cabby comes with fins, Leash plug and Countersunk carry handle and it features an 8mm mast insert.