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JP Australia Allround 2013

JP Australia Allround 2013

Board Type: All Round
Manufacturer: JP Australia
Year: 2013
Board Sizes:

294x76 cm, 139L

324x76 cm, 145L

340x76 cm, 170L

358x76 cm, 199L


The Allround boards from JP cover the needs of all SUP riders out there. They are forgiving and user friendly, but also have what it takes to keep up with advanced and expert riders. They are perfect for beginner rider that enjoy their first SUP sessions, as well as for school, training and resorts. These boards work great in both waves and flat waters.

The longboard outline of the Allround makes it extremely versatile in most real world conditions. The board features a concave nose which assures a better lift when touching the water and avoids nose diving. The rounded ails and tuck, similar to that of a surfboard, makes the Allround easy to handle and improves the rail to rail drive ability. The board uses a flat deck curve which keeps the rider well balanced at all times.

The JP Australia Allround is indeed a universal SUP platform suitable for various styles and skill levels. The board is available in Wood Sandwich with glossy finish, Wood Sandwich with matt finish and glossy rails and AST technologies.