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Naish Mana 10’0” Soft Top 2012

Naish Mana 10’0” Soft Top 2012

Board Type: Beginner
Manufacturer: Naish
Year: 2012
Board Sizes:

L: 10'0", W: 32, D: 4 3/4, Vol: 210, Board Wt: 27 lb


If you are a first time paddler or want to learn the basics of SUP and progress, you need a safe and reliable board to power your sessions. You need one of the new Mana boards introduced by Naish this year. These boards are designed to accommodate any rider, regardless of his weight or skill. The Mana 10’0” Soft Top is one of the most user friendly boards of the Mana series.

It has a wide body which makes it extremely stable and provides good floatability. It is designed for entry level riders who like to paddle in flat waters and small surf. The board also offers a very smooth glide and doesn’t require lots of strokes to catch speed. It feels very reliable and steady under the rider’s feet. This board is crafted using Naish’s new Soft Top construction.

This construction is based on an EPS core combined with glass layups and wood reinforcements in the stance area, plus foam deck and bottom, top PU and slick bottom. This structure makes the board durable and user friendly. The embossed deck area assures excellent grip and plenty of comfort. 3D rail protection keeps the board safe from rock and paddle bumps. The slick bottom and flex fins provide increased safety for the rider and other beach users. This board is easy to handle, so any rider can enjoy a cool SUP session on it.