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Slingshot Crossbreed 2014

Slingshot Crossbreed 2014

Board Type: All Round  Cruise/Explore
Manufacturer: Slingshot
Year: 2014
Board Sizes:

Length: 11’

Width: 33”

Thickness: 4.8”

Weight: 31 lbs.

Volume: 231


The Crossbreed is designed to take care of all your SUP needs. It is a forgiving, yet efficient all round board that performs great in virtually any conditions and can accommodate any rider. It offers unmatched performance in calm waters or in waves, as well as in high or light winds. As the guys at Slingshot say, it is designed to deliver excellent touring performance and all around user friendliness.

The wider shape and extra volume it packs create excellent floatation and stability and make it very forgiving in turns. A V spine bottom shape assures a clean and smooth cut in chop assures smooth turns. The Fuller Variable Tucked Hard Rail prevents it from feeling sticky and assures a clean release to improve speed and make it looser. The V tunnel bottom shape, flat in the stance area and growing into a V, assures increased stability and a cleaner drive.

The increased rocker in the rail line provides superior maneuverability. The squared tail reduced friction when changing direction and allows you initiate tighter turns. Special vent plugs can be manually operated to equalize internal and external pressure from heat and atmospheric pressure changes. The board is engineered using a WVS (Wood Veneer Sandwich) technology which creates a lightweight, impact resistant board.