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Slingshot Crossbreed Inflatable 2014

Slingshot Crossbreed Inflatable 2014

Manufacturer: Slingshot
Year: 2014
Board Sizes:



The Slingshot Crossbreed Inflatable is a high performance all-round touring SUP board perfect for paddlers and athletes who want a board that that performs well across a variety of water conditions and the convenience of an inflatable. With it you can enjoy smooth cruises on flat waters and dominate small waves. It is packed with features that make it very efficient and forgiving at the same time.

The pulled in displacement style nose allows you to tackle small surf with ease and cut without hassle in chop. The rocker line is designed to deliver excellent touring performance and all around user friendliness and assures excellent control and speed. The slightly squared tail allows you to carve nice turns and provides optimal release.

The Crossbreed Inflatable can perform smooth rail to rail transitions and feels very stable. It features an ergonomic grab handle for easy transportation and it is equipped with 4 D rings on the front top for storage. A high-density traction EVA pad provides superior comfort. The board is built using high quality PVC fabric wrapped in a second layer of material on the top and bottom. This construction assures perfect stiffness and makes it very durable. The Slingshot Crossbreed Inflatable is supplied with a pump, pressure gauge, repair kit and a backpack.