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Slingshot Crossfire 2014

Slingshot Crossfire 2014

Board Type: All Round  Beginner  Flat Water
Manufacturer: Slingshot
Board Sizes:



The Crossfire is the perfect SUP board for the entire family. It is extremely user friendly and easy to operate and excels in flat waters and small surf. It can also handle chop with ease. It is the kind of adaptable, all-around board that will get you to the next level of paddleboarding. It has a forgiving shape which makes it extremely steady even in changing water conditions.

The Crossfire is a reliable partner for entry level riders, but packs enough power to suit more advanced ones too. The slightly squared tail allows you to initiate quick turns and assures a clean release. The wider, rounded nose assures a clean cut through water and minimizes drag. The board is equipped with a single fin which generates superior tracking abilities.

Slingshot has built the Crossfire using the Future Response Technology, based on a Fiberglass Laminated Sandwich Construction. It incorporates an EPS foam core and reinforced wood deck with a unique layering technique of fiberglass and epoxy resin. This construction makes the board responsive and assures an optimal strength to weight ratio.