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Slingshot Rant 2014

Slingshot Rant 2014

Board Type: Surfing
Manufacturer: Slingshot
Year: 2014
Board Sizes:





The Rant is a trusty companion for all your SUP sessions. It is designed for the paddlers in need of a stable surfboard with short board performance. It can accommodate any rider, from beginner to advanced. This short board style stand up paddleboard excels in surf, but it is also a great all round board. Its aggressive shape allows you to dominate small and medium waves and provides superior stability.

It generates a nice speed down the line and can perform snappy turns. The swallow tail creates a reduced area to provide you with increased control in turns. The flat bottom shape under the feet, evolves into an aggressive V spine. The flat area allows you track straight and fast, while the V assures quick and smooth rail to rail carves. The nose is kicked up to allow you perform steep late drops without pearling and paddle easier in white waters.

The Rant features a lower rail profile which gives you a shortboard feel when riding and improves the drive in bottom turns. A vent plug can be manually opened and closed to equalize internal and external pressure from heat and atmospheric pressure changes. A high density traction EVA pad assures comfort at all times. The Rant features a five fin configuration which allows you to use multiple fin setups, depending on your style. It is built using a Wood Veneer Sandwich Construction.