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Slingshot Space Pickle SUP 2014

Slingshot Space Pickle SUP 2014

Board Type: All Round  Flat Water  Surfing
Manufacturer: Slingshot
Year: 2014
Board Sizes:




The Space Pickle SUP board is the kind of platform that can handle anything you throw at it. It will SUP surf, wake SUP and flat-water SUP without hassle in any conditions. As the guys at Slingshot say, it is the board of choice for the surf oriented paddlers looking for a stable performance surfboard that you can thrash in the ocean, kill it behind the boat and that will also track well on flat-water.

It features a pulled in tail which allows for a quicker release off the top of a wave. The kicked up nose prevents pearling. It features a flat bottom shape in the standing area, descending in an aggressive V spine. The flat area allows you track straight and fast, while the V assures smooth rail to rail carves. This way you can catch waves early, shred behind a boat or hit the flat-water.

The Variable Tucked Hard Rail generates tighter transitions. The high density traction EVA pad assures superior comfort during your sessions. The five fin configuration allows you to use multiple fin setups such as single, thruster, quad and more. A special vent plug can be manually opened and closed to equalize internal and external pressure from heat and atmospheric pressure changes. The Slingshot Space Pickle SUP is constructed using a Wood Veneer Sandwich technology which provides optimal weight, durability and flex.