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Starboard 8'5"x29" Pro 2011

Starboard 8'5"x29" Pro 2011

Board Type: Wave
Manufacturer: Starboard
Year: 2011
Board Sizes:

Length: 8'5"  (256.5 cm)
Width: 29"  (73.7 cm)
Thickness: 4.3"  (10.9 cm)
Tail Width: 17.8"  (45.1 cm)
Volume: 125 L


The 2011 Pro Wave series of SUP boards introduced by Starboard offers top performance for the competitive riders. The boards are fast and powerful and excel in most wave conditions. The 2011 8'5"x29" Pro continues the success of the 2010 model and offers an exceptional ability to go vertical or perform full roundhouse cutbacks. The board features a more compact outline, optimized to deliver higher speed and increased maneuverability. Actually, the 8'5"x29" Pro offers the best maneuverability in the 2011 pro wave series. At the same time it offers balanced tracking and glide abilities, but it is not one of the most stable boards. The rider needs some good skills to keep it balanced in waves.

The board offers a solid drive and feels very accurate in turns. It accelerates quickly and can reach an impressive top speed. The reduction in the nose and tail makes the board quicker and easier to control. The board uses an increased rocker in the front foot area and more outline curve in the mid section. This way it feels looser and has smooth speed across the waves. Less volume in the tail assures that the rider can sink the tail easily if he wants more bite in turns. The concave nose to double concave mid section, ending with a V in the tail creates a fluid drive and keeps the rider in control at higher speed.

The Starboard 8'5"x29" Pro is crafted using Brush Carbon, TAC and Silver, Candy and Blue AST technologies. The Brush Carbon technology makes the board lighter and livelier, the TAC one creates extra dynami8c shape stability and the AST one assures a balanced strength to weight ratio as well as user friendly options for the deck.