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Starboard 9'1"x29" Pro 2011

Starboard 9'1"x29" Pro 2011

Board Type: Wave
Manufacturer: Starboard
Year: 2011
Board Sizes:

Length: 9'1"  (276.9 cm)
Width: 29"  (73.7 cm)
Thickness: 4.3"  (10.9 cm)
Tail Width: 16.9"  (42.8 cm)
Volume: 132 L


The new 2011 Starboard SUP board models cover the needs of all SUP riders out there. The riders can choose a board to suit their specific needs, from racing to learning. The 9'1"x29" Pro is part of the Pro Wave series of SUP boards and it is a fast and accurate machine. It can be used in competitions as well and in casual sessions by advanced riders. It features a special shape, based on a narrower nose and tail, which generates good acceleration and top speed and assures a more fluid drive.

The board features an increased rocker in the stance area to provide better maneuverability. Combined with the increased outline curve, this rocker also assures exceptional turning performance when the rider is placed in a central position. The 9'1"x29" Pro also has an impressive ability to project vertically. The board can be used in small waves, but also in tough surf conditions. It can climb on any wave fast and without effort. It is a quick board, which responds accurately to the rider’s commands. The board has balanced tracking and gilding abilities, but it is not extremely stable. It requires a good set of skills to be mastered.

The Starboard 9'1"x29" Pro is engineered using Brush Carbon, TAC and Silver, Candy and Blue AST technologies. The AST boards have three different deck equip options, depending on model, and offer increased durability, the TAC boards provide better dynamic shape stability, due to the Wood structure, and the Brushed Carbon ones are better suited for sharper riders, as they are much lighter and offer a faster response.