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Starboard Coast Runner 2011

Starboard Coast Runner 2011

Manufacturer: Starboard
Year: 2011
Board Sizes:

Length: 14'0"  (426.7 cm)
Width: 28"  (71.1 cm)


The race series of SUP boards introduced by Starboard in 2011 is impressive. It gathers 10 board models, designed to suit the needs of all racing enthusiasts out there. The Coast Runner is the newest addition to the Race series of SUP boards and it is a special board designed with focus on race and touring performance. The board is crafted using a sleek, narrow and long outline, featuring a special nose and a slightly squared, and cut off tail. This outline makes it fast and sharp.

The Coast Runner excels in ocean swell. It has a flat rocker which makes it quite loose and agile and perfect for use in small surf conditions. The Coast Runner is one of the fastest ocean race SUP boards today. The board is equipped with a 23" single race fin which improved the slide and assures good grip. This is one of the most stable ocean race SUP boards and keeps the rider well balanced in the cockpit. At the same time it has exceptional tracking and gliding abilities and feels fast and quick. Unfortunately, the board does not excel when it comes to maneuverability and demands a solid set of skills in order to be truly mastered.

The Coast Runner is engineered using Red Stripe Brushed Carbon or Blue Stripe AST construction technologies.  The Brushed Carbon board is extremely light and responsive. It features an Ultra lightweight Startouch deck grip. The Blue Stripe model provides a balanced strength to weight ratio and it features a Startouch deck traction system.