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Starboard Impossible 2011

Starboard Impossible 2011

Board Type: Surfing  Wave
Manufacturer: Starboard
Year: 2011
Board Sizes:

Length: 6’6”  (198.1 cm)
Width: 30”  (76.2 cm)
Thickness: 4.5”  (11.4 cm)
Tail Width: 20.8”  (52.9 cm)
Volume: 113 L


The Starboard Impossible is part of the compact wave series of SUP boards introduced by Starboard in 2011. The compact wave boards are agile machines that offer exceptional maneuverability. The Impossible is perhaps one of the shortest SUP boards today and it is designed for dynamic riders that love technical maneuvers. It features a wider, rounded nose which allows the rider to tackle almost any wave in a surf manner. The nose is thinner, and combined with the wide tail balances the way in which the board floats while paddling.

It is the kind of board best suited for the riders that like to rip the waves with the paddle in their hands. The board features sharp rails that provide accurate control and assure a good rail holding ability. The board impresses with its awesome maneuverability, but the tracking, glide and stability tend towards zero. If you don’t posses good riding skills and don’t feel well balanced on a quick and agile short board, you should stay away from the Impossible. But if you love daring tricks and have a solid set of skills, the board is perfect for you.

The Starboard Impossible is engineered using a Silver, Candy and Blue AST technology. The Silver model uses a 4mm 3/4 DECK PAD square-groove traction EVA standing area plus Startouch deck traction on the nose, the Candy one Full 2mm EVA deck pads and Ultralight Startouch traction system in the nose and the Blue one a full Ultralight Startouch deck traction system.