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Starboard K-15 2011

Starboard K-15 2011

Manufacturer: Starboard
Year: 2011
Board Sizes:

Length: 15'0"  (457.2 cm)
Width: 30"  (76.2 cm)
Tail Width: 8.8"  (22.4 cm)
Volume: 228 L


The Starboard K-15 is regarded as one of the best all round race boards ever. The previous versions of the K-15 board were extremely successful and managed to win several race championships with ease, which is why the K-15 legacy continues in 2011 with a new release of this amazing board. The 2011 K-15 is fast, efficient and accurate, but also user friendly, thing almost uncommon when it comes to race boards.

The board features a long outline which provides good longitudinal stability and higher top speed. The sharp nose, combined with the sleek underwater hull significantly improves the flat water performance of the K-15. This design also assures a smooth cruise in choppy conditions. The cockpit is large enough to allow the rider walk back in order to lift the nose and tackle the waves. The board uses water ventilation plugs which can be easily sealed or open to evacuate excess water that fills the cockpit. The water ventilation plugs are recommended to be kept closed on flat waters and open on waves, when the water spills inside the cockpit. Special insert plugs allow the rider to tie down bags or storage boxes.

A great thing about the K-15 is that it can also be used as a windsurfing board. Any windsurfing sail can easily be attached and the board runs very smooth. It is perfectly suited for beginner windsurfers and runs great in light winds. An additional center fin improves the K-15’s performance as a windsurfing board. The K-15 is available in Red Stripe Full Carbon PVC Sandwich and Blue Stripe AST construction technologies.