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Starboard Open Ocean 2011

Starboard Open Ocean 2011

Manufacturer: Starboard
Year: 2011
Board Sizes:

Length: 14'0"  (426.7 cm)
Width: 28"  (71.1 cm)
Tail Width: 8.8"  (22.4 cm)
Volume: 309 L


The new line of racing SUP boards introduced by Starboard in 2011 offers high performance and top quality. The Open Ocean is part of the race board series, and, just as its name states, it is perfectly suited for ocean racing. The board has a long and narrow outline which generates a good speed and acceleration in ocean waters. The main feature of the Open Ocean is its increaser nose rocker which assures a very fluid drive in big ocean swell.

The board can handle more difficult surf conditions with ease. It is equipped with a single race fin which improves the drive and keeps it well balanced in the waves. It also has a large cockpit which allows the rider to step back and lift the nose of the board if needed. The board is incredible stable and has impressive tracking and gliding abilities, but it is not very easy to maneuver. It is suited for the advanced rider who has good skills and likes a fast race.

The Starboard Open Ocean is constructed using Red Stripe Brushed Carbon and Blue Stripe AST technologies. The Brushed Carbon board is very light and has a quicker response. It is equipped with an Ultra lightweight Startouch deck grip system. The AST model weights a bit more, but offers higher durability. It comes equipped with a Startouch deck traction system. The Starboard Open Ocean is fast and has good horse power under the hood. It is perfect for competitions.