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Starboard Rush 2011

Starboard Rush 2011

Board Type: Surfing  Wave
Manufacturer: Starboard
Year: 2011
Board Sizes:

Length: 7'4"  (223.5 cm)
Width: 32"  (81.3 cm)
Thickness: 3.9"  (10.0 cm)
Tail Width: 20.9"  (53.2 cm)
Volume: 121 L


The Rush is part of the Wide Body series of wave SUP boards introduced by Starboard in 2011. The wide body boards are user friendly and very stable. The Rush is a special board. It is shorter than most SUP boards and it features a wide, rounded nose and a narrower tail. This shape provides increased maneuverability and allows the rider to fit it in any pocket without effort. It is a well balanced board and can catch almost any wave.

The board is equipped with a thruster fin setup, featuring a 19cm Hexcel center middle fin and two M4.7” side fins. This setup assures better drive control. A mono concave nose to a middle transitional bottom makes the board quite loose and assures excellent stability and maneuverability. The V in the tail assures good turning abilities and good release.

The Starboard Rush is available in Silver, Candy and Blue AST technology. The AST structure assures a balanced strength to weight ratio. The Silver model features a 4mm 3/4 DECK PAD square-groove traction EVA standing area, the Candy one comes with a full 2mm EVA deck pads and 4mm square-grooved traction standing area and the Blue one features a Ultralight Startouch deck traction. The Rush is one of the easiest boards to maneuver in waves, but does not have astonishing gliding and tracking abilities.