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Starboard SUPer 2012

Starboard SUPer 2012

Board Type: Beginner
Manufacturer: Starboard
Year: 2012
Board Sizes:

12’6 / 12 / 10 / 9


The SUPer is Starboard’s answer to multiple water sports disciplines. This board can be used as windsurfing or SUP platform, depending on the rider’s choice. The Starboard crew describes it as “The ultimate paddleboard and windsurf crossover with daggerboard options.” The Starboard SUPer offers excellent performance for SUP. It is stable, easy to handle and user friendly. It is also quite fast and has a good acceleration. It can be used in various conditions and feels very comfortable.

It has a hydrodynamic shape which assures a very smooth glide and great control. This is also an excellent choice for windsurfing enthusiasts that want to have fun. It is perfect for novice riders, as well as for more advanced ones. It can be used in light wind conditions, as well as if the wind picks up. It runs smooth upwind and feels very reliable underneath the rider’s feet. The rider doesn’t even need a huge sail to power it up and enjoy a cool session. The board is equipped with a fully retractable daggerboard which provides increased stability and better tracking ability when needed.

The Starboard SUPer is available in AST Silver technology. It features a ¾ deck pad with 4mm square-groove EVA foam in the standing area plus a 2mm EVA fore and aft with light-weight Startouch deck traction on the nose. This board is the perfect choice for the everyday rider who wants a taste of windsurfing and SUP and wants only one board to do it all.