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Starboard Tiki 2011

Starboard Tiki 2011

Board Type: Wave
Manufacturer: Starboard
Year: 2011
Board Sizes:

Length: 8’0”  (243.8 cm)
Width: 26”  (66 cm)
Thickness: 4”  (10.2 cm)
Tail Width: 17”  (43.3 cm)
Volume: 105 L


Starboard has introduced a new series of compact wave SUP boards in 2011, designed especially for the riders focused on high maneuverability out on the waves. The new Tiki is the kind of board which suits lighter riders looking to rip the waves. It has a super compact outline which makes it extremely quick and maneuverable. It is also a fast board which accelerates quickly and climbs on waves without effort. Due to its compact shape, the board can easily be fitted into smaller pockets.

The board features a mono concave nose to a V double concave bottom design. This design makes it loose, but easy to handle on waves. The board turns quite tight and fast, yet it is easy to keep under control even in less than perfect surf conditions. The board is not extremely stable, not has impressive glide and tracking abilities. It is a board suited for the more technical rider that wants to perform dynamic maneuvers and has a good balance.

The Starboard Tiki is available in Silver, Candy and Blue AST technologies. The Silver Tiki features a 4mm 3/4 DECK PAD square-groove traction EVA standing area plus a Startouch deck traction in the nose, the Candy one Full 2mm EVA deck pads and a 4mm square-grooved traction standing area or Ultralight Startouch traction system in the nose and the Blue one features an Ultralight Startouch deck traction. The Tiki comes equipped with a thruster fin setup.