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Starboard Whooper Windsurf 2011

Starboard Whooper Windsurf 2011

Board Type: Wave
Manufacturer: Starboard
Year: 2011
Board Sizes:

Length: 10'0"  (304.8 cm)
Width: 34"  (86.4 cm)
Thickness: 4.1"  (10.4 cm)
Tail Width: 18.4"  (46.7 cm)
Volume: 168 L


The Whooper is one of the most successful boards from the 2011 wide body wave SUP boards designed by Starboard. The board is available in several versions, to suit the needs of most riders out there. More advanced wave riders can try the Whooper and Whooper Extra, novice and beginner ones the Whooper Club and SUP riders that are also into windsurfing can try the Whooper Windsurf.

The Whooper Windsurf is a 2 in 1 platform, as it can be used for SUP in waves and can easily be converted to a windsurfing board. The board has a wide and hydrodynamic body which generates a smooth and fast glide and increased stability. It uses a mono concave nose to flat mid section and a V in the tail. It can catch the waves without problems and it is easy to handle. The board is equipped with a mast track which can be used to attach a windsurfing sail.

As a windsurfing board, the Whooper Windsurf is stable and easy to control. It is a perfect choice for the beginner rider that wants to enjoy a nice cruise. The board can be equipped with an optional middle fin which improves upwind tracking. The board is constructed using the Silver AST technology. It features silver epoxy rails, a 4mm 3/4 DECK PAD and square-groove traction EVA standing area, Startouch deck traction on the nose, Mast foot inserts and Footstrap inserts. With this board anyone can enjoy SUP and windsurfing without hassle.