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Starboard Whopper Club 2012

Starboard Whopper Club 2012

Board Type: All Round  Beginner
Manufacturer: Starboard
Year: 2012
Board Sizes:

Length: 10'0" - 304.8 cm
Width: 34" - 86.4 cm
Thickness: 4.1" - 10.4 cm
Tail Width: 18.4" - 46.7 cm
Volume: 168 L


The Whopper is the flagship board of the all round series of boards designed by Starboard. To extend the range of Whooper users, Starboard team has designed the Whooper Club, a special board, crafted with the needs of beginner riders in mind. The Whopper Club is crafted using the same shape as the successful Whooper and offers the same performance, but it is more user friendly. It is designed for schools and clubs and can be used by novice riders and kids without worries.

It is constructed using the AST Club technology. It features an EVA nose and tail bumper which protects the rider from injuries in case he falls and bumps the deck. At the same time it features a color coded standing area which shows the best paddling position. The board is extremely stable and has very good gliding abilities. The friendly outline makes it quick to react and easy to handle. The rider can catch any wave without troubles. The board excels in waves, but it can be used in flat water too. It has very good tracking abilities. The gliding is also enhanced by the use of a mono concave to flat section from nose to middle and a V in the tail.

The Whopper Club also features mast base inserts and side fin boxes set forward near the rail. The rider can easily attach a sail if he wants to enjoy a cool windsurfing session. The side fins increase upwind grip when windsurfing.  The Whopper Club is fun to ride and absolutely safe. This is the perfect board to learn the secrets of SUP and progress or enjoy a nice windsurfing cruise.