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Abu Dhabi All Stars Grand Slam 2014

Abu Dhabi All Stars Grand Slam 2014

Period: Apr 11 - Apr 19, 2014
Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Get ready to take part in or watch elite SUP action as the Stand up World Series events are coming. The 2014 World Series will challenge the world’s very best across the major global markets as they battle it out for the World Championship Title. Each event will also offer open, multi-class racing for the local communities, as well as entry level components to embrace the all access appeal of the sport.

The second stop on the World Series schedule is UAE for the 2014 Abu Dhabi All Stars Grand Slam. Last year, the World’s best gathered for the Abu Dhabi All Stars Invitational and staged an incredible SUP show.

Last year Connor Baxter claimed the title, followed by Jamie Mitchell and Zane Schweitzer. We will see them again riding at full throttle this year, competing against the other elite riders on the Series.

The 2014 Abu Dhabi All Stars Grand Slam is scheduled to take place between the 15th and 19th of April. The Grand Slam will run from the 11th – 19th April with the Surfing World Tour first and Racing taking place over a 4 day window at the end of the waiting period.

To find out more about the Abu Dhabi All Stars Grand Slam please visit the Waterman League website.