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Golden Nugget SUP Race 2014

Golden Nugget SUP Race 2014

Period: Oct 11 - Oct 11, 2014
Location: Shem Creek, United States

The Golden Nugget SUP Race is hosted by Half-Moon Outfitters and it benefits One-Eighty Place (formerly Crisis Ministries), a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing food, shelter and hope to end homelessness and hunger.

It is a fun, safe and challenging event for riders of all ages and levels. Participants can compete in a Short Course 5k and a Long Course 10k. The 5k will allow 12' and under, 12'6 and 14ft, while the 10k allows 12'6", 14', over 14' boards and Traditional/Prone. Both 5k and 10k will have a Grand Master classification for paddlers 50 and over with board length- Open.

A youth specific race for kids 10 and under and 11-15, with no restriction on board length in either category, will follow. Soon after the races end, a cool beach party will follow.

The Golden Nugget SUP Race takes place on the 11th of October at Red's Ice House on Historic Shem Creek, SC. To register and find out more details, please visit the Half-Moon Outfitters website.