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The 1500 Mile Expedition with the Atlantic SUPer Girls

Julieta “Jules” Gismondi and Lou Anne Harris are two tough and determined athletes. They are dedicated SUP riders and always love a good challenge. They are known as the Atlantic SUPer Girls thanks to their courage and skills.

And their latest adventure is incredible. The two of them set out on an epic SUP journey from New York City to Key West, on a 1500 mile course, carrying just a few supplies and a love for adventure and pure girl power.

For the Atlantic SUPergirls, this journey is about much more than simply paddling 1,500 miles, they are also raising money for two charities, First Descents and Mission Blue, both of which do exceptional work related to the ocean.
The girls started their adventure around three months ago and are paddling near Georgia as we speak, close to their destination.

A quick word from Harris: “People have been really enthusiastic about the trip when they hear about it, offer help and support with their homes and cars. That has been the best part of the trip and we will have a lot to pay forward when we are done.”