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The 2012 Battle of the Paddle Winners Are…

Doheny State Beach, from Dana Point, CA was the scene of the 2012 Battle of the Paddle this weekend. This impressive SUP event, organized by Gerry Lopez and Rainbow Sandals, has become a world class event that gathers the best SUP athletes in the world. This year, Kai Lenny, Connor Baxter, Slater Trout, Candice Appleby, Gillian Gibree and many of the elite players on the SUP scene took part in this epic contest.

Danny Chang and Annabel Anderson proved to be the best this year, claiming the title in the Men’s and Women’s divisions. After defeating Kai Lenny, Danny Chang said: “It feels so good. Kai caught a wave I didn’t at the start so I had to really work to get back in it.” Annabel was stoked to win this world class event: “I really just feel so blessed right now. But this whole thing, it isn’t just me, it’s a huge team of people behind me that helped make it happen.”

Battle of the Paddle results:

1. Danny Ching
2. Kai Lenny
3. Connor Baxter
4. Kelly Margetts
5. Slater Trout
6. Mo Freitas
7. Jamie Mitchell

1. Annabel Anderson
2. Candice Appleby
3. Brand Baksic
4. Jenny Kalmbach
5. Gillian Gibree