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The 2016 Ultimate Waterman Will Be a Blast

The Ultimate Waterman is one of the most famous, yet challenging water sports today. Held in New Zealand, it is in fact the search to find the world's best all-round waterman and the best athletes in the world compete in this event.

And the government of New Zealand will invest up to 1.2 million dollars in the Ultimate Waterman over three years, to make the competition even more appealing and attract more competitors and spectators.

Two new categories, the "Underwater Strength Run and Swim" and the "Prone Paddleboard" race have been added to the competition for the upcoming 2016 edition, which will take place next year, between 12th and 20th of March throughout New Zealand.

The world’s elite, including riders like Connor Baxter, Mark Visser, Kala Alexander, Danny Ching, Manoa Drollet, Georges Cronsteadt, Caio Vaz and Daniel Kereopa will be there to stage an incredible show.
Until the Ultimate Waterman arrives, you can check out the competition trailer in the clip below.