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5UP P1RATE5 Coming Soon

5UP P1RATE5 is a cool film brought to you by the Infinity SUP Company and SUP The Mag, a film which follows the adventures of a few dedicated ocean athletes in their quest to surf the most beautiful places on earth. The movie stars Dave Boehne, Slater Trout, Anthony Vela, CD Kinley, Brent Pascoe, Kasey Curtis, Jason Kenworthy and Derek Erickso and features some incredible footage.

The movie premiere is scheduled for June 15th at 5 PM, Pacific Standard Time, on SUP the Mag website. If you want to see the movie on the silver screen, make sure to visit Dana Point’s Stillwater Spirits and Sounds, as a live screening of 5UP P1RATE5 begins at 8 PM.

Until the movie premiere, you can take a peek at what it’s all about in the trailer below.