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Adding a New Dimension to Your SUP Performance with Suzie Cooney

Suzie Cooney needs no introduction. She is one of the pioneers and icons of Stand up Paddleboarding and a complete ocean athlete. Personal trainer, SUP instructor and event director,  sponsored athlete for Naish SUP, model, spokesperson and much more, Suzie is pretty much involved in any aspect of the SUP world.

And she loves to share her SUP experience with all water sports fans. In the video below, Suzie will introduce you to a new dimension of SUP performance, by presenting a series of training techniques intended to improve your paddling skills.

These exercises will help you increase your overall SUP performance. They are presented with a clear progression from easier to advanced. All levels of paddlers can take away a few new training tips and techniques.

As Suzie says, “As a trainer and paddler, I want to introduce a new concept that will help keep your brain and stand up paddling skills extra sharp in all dimensions.”