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Annabel Anderson Joins Lahui Kai/SUP ATX

Annabel Anderson is the current World #1 and the fastest woman in SUP. She has won many trophies in her career and will surely continue the win streak in the upcoming seasons. She recently joined the Lahui Kai/SUP ATX, so she will ride the world’s fastest boards in 2015. She will ride beside renowned athletes like Mick Di Betta, Brian Szymanski, John Becker, Kelly Margetts, Lincoln Dews, Jayden Jenson, Sondra Purser and Shane Scoggins and she will make a great addition to the team.

Lahui Kai Paddleboards was founded in 2008 by legendary paddler, designer and coach, Mick Di Betta, and is responsible for putting more athletes in the top 10 at the annual Battle of the Paddle than any other brand. Founded in 2009, SUP ATX, LLC designs, develops and manufactures SUPs for oceans, lakes and rivers worldwide. It offers SUP ATX, Lahui Kai, Ranger and BYOB private label products and it is one of the premier brands in SUP industry.