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APP Presents Immersed TV Series

Starting the 1st of April, APP is delivering an all new show concept right to your door with the premiere of Immersed TV, a brand-new, digital Sport’s Talk Show. On the first and third Wednesday of every month, Dreu Murin will bring you all the latest SUP news from across the globe. From quarantine, in his freshly ironed shirt and his “comfiest pair of boxer shorts,” Dreu will provide insight into your favorite athletes’ lives and give you tips on how to look after our oceans.

Immersed TV promises to make self-isolating a little more manageable for all water-sport enthusiasts, while checking in with key correspondents from across the globe on current issues, trends and developments affecting the world of Stand Up Paddling. Each episode of Immersed TV will feature an athlete spotlight, as the larger than life Dave Boehne gets the inside scoop on achievements, highs and lows and memorable moments from the diverse and colorful personalities on the APP World Tour.

For the very first episode of this new series, Dave will sit down with 5x World Champion Izzi Gomez from their respective self isolation zones in Southern California to look back at this young Champion's incredible achievements and find out more about what makes her tick.