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APP Ride of the Season Champs Crowned

In a climate where in-person contests are off the cards, the APP World Tour set out to provide an opportunity for SUP Surfers to compete whatever their ability and wherever they were in the world. APP Ride of the Season created a virtual arena where pros and weekend warriors alike could surf on the world stage, simply by posting a clip to Instagram.

Whilst familiar names arose throughout, such as Kai Lenny and Caio Vaz, the competition paved the way for the next generation of SUP surfers to compete alongside the pros and prove themselves to the official APP Judges. Absolutely anybody in the world could vote for their favorite clip by clicking like in this all-inclusive, interactive contest. With over 400 entries and competitors from 38 countries, the global SUP community has proved we can surf through the hardships of a pandemic. Now the two-month contest is up, the winners have been announced.

Men’s Pro
1st. Marcio Grillo
2nd. Luiz Diniz
3rd. Caio Vaz

Women’s Pro
1st. Nicole Pacelli
2nd. Iballa Moreno
3rd. Vania Torres

Women’s Unsponsored
1st. Kaede Inoue
2nd. Josselyn Alabi
3rd. Sakura Inoue

Men’s Unsponsored
1st. Taka Inoue
2nd. Gero Rogers
3rd. Alan Te Moananui

1. Take Inoue
2. Kaede Inoue
3. Emma Webb