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Aqua Marina Intros the 2020 Inflatable Range

Aqua Marina has announced the launch of their 2020 inflatable paddle boards and the brand-new inflatable kayaks line, more special SUP boards and upgraded accessories. Aqua Marina’s new standup paddle boards and kayaks are made in high-frequency technology and heat fusion technology for great airtightness and durability. Considering making all paddlers feel more comfortable and easy to use, each inflatable SUP features upgraded neoprene carry handle, rubber patch valve and bungee cord stopper on all series. Aqua Marina designs iSUPs for everyone, from beginner to advanced paddlers, and you can use for city paddling, light surf, sup-yoga, fishing, family, racing, group fun and adventure.

Aqua Marina has been fully dedicated on inflatable boards and kayaks for over 15 years. We make our products with the latest material technologies that have made inflatable boards more stiffer and quick reactive that is quite perfect for casual riders to intermediate riders. All our boards provide paddlers the conveniences of easy to transport, just fold up, pack into the backpack and you are ready to go on the adventure.