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Asymmetric Tail – A New Trend in Performance SUP Board Design

Raised in the shaping bay of his father, Steve Boehne, one of the first shapers to build and sell SUPs in their own market, Dave Boehne is a talented SUP shaper too, who loves to explore new trends of the industry.

Today, he is set on designing high performance boards with asymmetric tails. He shaped the tail of his newest high-performance model, the RNB, or Round Nose Blurr, using a unique asymmetric design, which proved to be extremely efficient.

Here’s what Dave says about this new design in an interview with the guys at SUP the Mag:

“The asymmetric tail offers a healside advantage. When you’re riding a standup paddleboard, you’re generally dealing with a wider tail, which makes turning on your heal more difficult. By keeping the width the same, and making the tail asymmetric, the heal side becomes shorter and looser than the toe side. I’m digging it. It really is like having two different boards in one.”

You can check out some of the features of this new RNB board in the clip below.