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The Atlantic SUPergirls Complete their Journey

/The daring adventure of Jules Gismondi and LouAnne Harris began last year in October, when they departed from New York, on a 1,500 miles journey, all the way to Miami. They reached their destination 125 days later, completing their awesome mission.

It was an incredible, yet harsh journey. Julieta “Jules” Gismondi and LouAnne Harris faced the challenges of ocean wind and sun but also encountered great people on their way. Through their effort, the girls raised $16,000 for charity.

It was a truly epic adventure as LouAnne Harris says: “It’s surreal to be done. You come back and everything is essentially the same and it’s like you never left. So we have this surreal feeling of having this incredible experience and then applying that back to our own reality”

Jules Gismondi adds: “We knew how many hours of paddling and had a clue about what it would be like physically. But there is no way to anticipate what it would be like mentally and emotionally. Being out there so many days and getting further and further away from home becomes tough.”

The SUPergirls already have plans for their future adventure: this time they want to paddle from Key West down to the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula. We’re waiting forward to see them in action.