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Baxter and Anderson Claim the Ultimate SUP Showdown Titles

Honolua Surf Company’s Ultimate SUP Showdown turned Oahu’s Kuhio Beach in Waikiki into the scene of an amazing SUP show over this weekend. Some of the best riders in the world got together to compete in this fun and challenging event. 74 of the best SUP surfers and racers in the world battled in front of a huge audience.

The second annual Ultimate SUP Showdown was a blast, as the world’s elite paddlers staged an incredible show. Considered the precursor to the upcoming Battle of the Paddle in October, the Ultimate SUP Showdown is a challenging event.

And this year, rivalries brought extra excitement to the race. In the Men’s division Connor Baxter battled with Kai Lenny but also with Zane Schweitzer, Kody Kerbox, Slater Trout, Danny Ching and Travis Grant to win the race.

On the Women’s side, Annabel Anderson fought a tight battle with Candice Appleby and Jenny Kalmbach, but she managed to pull ahead and win the race.

Ultimate SUP Showdown Results:

1. Connor Baxter
2. Kai Lenny
3. Danny Ching
4. Riggs Napoleon
5. Travis Grant

1. Annabel Anderson
2. Candice Appleby
3. Jenny Kalmbach
4. Shakira Westdorp
5. Morgan Hoesterey