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The Beginner’s SUP Dictionary

As you already know, Stand up Paddleboarding is one of the fastest growing sports on the planet. And for the right reasons. It is an action packed sport, it is not hard to learn, it is fun and challenging and it provides a good workout. These are just a few of the reasons SUP is such a great sport.

More and more people start learning the basics of SUP and train hard to polish theirs skills. Many of them even go pro and start competing in cool events all over the world. But the way to pro events is not that easy.

If you are new to SUP, but want to learn the secrets of this amazing sport, you can begin with a useful SUP Dictionary put together by the guys at SUP the Mag. The guys explain the most common terms in the industry in a simple and intuitive way to make your task of learning SUP easier.

You can check out the Beginner’s SUP Dictionary in the related image section below. Please click on it to enlarge. The credit goes to SUP Magazine.