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Black Project Happy to Have Mark Angulo on the Team

Back In May, Maui legend Mark Angulo made the news when we reported that his new website went live (check it out here). The innovative waverider once again makes the news, this time because he joined Black Project, the manufacturer of top performance windsurfing and SUP fins. Black Project announced that it is more than happy to have someone of Mark Angulo’s caliber on its team. What is Mark Angulo doing for Black Project Fins? He’s working on asymmetric multi-fins among other things.

“We are thrilled to be able to report that Mark Angulo is now riding for Black Project Fins and is already working closely with Tom so that we can continue to develop the range and ensure that our goal of making the best fins possible is realized,” said Black Project Fins.

Black Project Fins went on to say that all Mark Angulo custom boards will come with Black Project fins and that “we are thrilled that our two growing Hawaiian businesses can work together to ensure that you get the best gear possible.”