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Blue Planet Intros the 2016 SUP Boards

The guys at Blue Planet Surf proud themselves on offering tip quality SUP boards and accessories, crafted to match the needs of all riders out there.

And their 2016 SUP board line is quite impressive. The 2016 SUP board models are crafted to cover a wide range of disciplines, such as touring, racing, surfing and more. They are designed to stand out of the crowd and built using the latest technologies, such as Carbon Fiber, Bamboo Epoxy, Bamboo Tinted Epoxy, iSUP and Soft Top.

You can check the Blue Planet boards in some quick action in the clip below. Elite riders Fabrice Beaux, Robert Stehlik, Tyler Jaggers, Jenn Lee, Sam Pa'e, Jeff Chang, Jimmy Martindale and others put them to the test in some serious conditions and have tons of fun.