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Boardworks and Infinity Partner With Paddle Fit

Boardworks and Infinity, two of the premier brands in surf and SUP industry, have recently partnered up with Paddle Fit. Paddle Fit is a special fitness system based on the sport of SUP, developed by Marisa Miller and Brody Welte. “Paddle Fit grew out of a lifetime of fitness and outdoor adventure experiences I have had. Now over 300 people are level 1 or 2 certified and are training their clients in the art of PaddleFit”, as Brody says. It is a lifestyle and not just something you do a few days a week.

The partnership between the famous brands which operate in the water sports business for many years and the guys at Paddle Fit will benefit both parties.

Brody says: “We are excited to partner with both Infinity and Boardworks. Infinity brings a rich history in developing and shaping high performance custom surf and SUP boards, while Boardworks brings a tremendous amount of manufacturing experience and hundreds of dealers globally. This will allow us to be able to answer the equipment needs of our students who are looking to purchase a training board for themselves or a fleet of boards for their business. This relationship will help us better serve our growing PaddleFit certified trainer community and their customers. We will be tapping into Infinity and Boardworks knowledge base and product line to better train our students and be able to offer them the best SUP boards on the market.”

And Dave Boehne, Infinity co-owner adds: “Joining forces with Brody and PaddleFit was a no brainer for us.  Anytime we can work with friends and align Infinity up with people who share the same vision and goals as us is awesome.”