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BOTE and Josh Collins to Debut Operation Phoenix

Operation Phoenix is a tough challenge, but also an epic journey. It will take Josh Collins on an endurance ride of 3,500 miles from Texas to New York, over the course of four months. This incredible adventure comes to support the efforts of TFDF, a federally recognized non-profit foundation that supplies emergency funding to those SOCOM service members and their families who cannot afford the proper care.

Josh is a Special Operations combat Veteran with multiple rotations to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Bosnia, along with numerous other deployments around the globe in support of the War on Terror. He is well aware the challenges veterans face today. The expedition entails a four month long paddle beginning in March from Corpus Christi, TX to New York City, NY with rallies being held along the way. Josh is supported by BOTE in his journey.

A quick word from Josh: “People don’t realize that anyone can paddle, even if you’ve never stepped foot on a paddle board before. Nothing would make me happier than to see paddling helping other’s with TBI and PTSD too.”