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Bruno Hasulyo Intros the X-Bionic Br1

Bruno Hasulyo’s secret is out and we at TotalSUP are super proud to have a new exclusive! Bruno Hasulyo teased us all year long with photos and videos shot from his new home in Portugal but also in Barcelona and Switzerland until he won for the 4th time the SUP 11 City Tour in Holland. What better proof of concept for a new race board than averaging just over 10km/h over 230kms (without pushing too hard, should we add?). But even with this, once again, high-profile victory to add to an already very impressive SUP athlete CV, very little has been disclosed to this day about Bruno Hasulyo’s brand new winning machine, the BR1.

A quick word from Bruno: “The X-Bionic Br1 is a Performance SUP race board. That was the mentality we kept in front of our eyes when designing it.
The board is 14×22″, it’s a structural hollow race board made with premium materials and YES we are proud of the materials we have used to build it, no lies nor misleading information.

On the website, you can see the % of all components required to build the board. For example, we use approx. 53% carbon, so yes you can expect a real solid and extra stiff board.

The board is designed for mostly calm conditions, rivers, lakes and normal size chops. We developed it in the Douro River in Porto, Portugal where I get all sorts of conditions. So I would say that it is mostly a flat water board, with some great potential also in choppy waters but don’t expect to have a smooth ride in big ocean swells.”