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BST Nano Carbon Intros the Aztek Paddles

BST Nano Carbon is a leading composites manufacturer based in San Diego. And they decided to enter SUP industry, which is great news. Through Aztek Paddles, a wholly owned subsidiary, the company will produce high performance SUP Paddles.

The new paddles are tailored to increase stroke efficiency, maximize power, minimize shoulder soreness and reduce fatigue. Moreover, each Aztek paddle is custom-engineered to fit the paddler’s demands. It is designed to accommodate specific body measurements, board specifications and discipline.

And the Aztek paddles feature patent-pending innovations such as Variable Flex Profile shaft technology, TradeBlade system and more.

Here’s what Bill Wood, senior vice president of BST Nano Carbon’s Worldwide Sales and Marketing says: “We approached creating a better paddle very seriously – gathering input and mountains of data from top paddlers and experts around the world.  Then, challenged our design & materials engineers to develop the optimum paddle.  No limits.  No preconceptions.  The result is a paddle that acts as a single system – handle to blade tip – that is engineered and handcrafted just for that customer.”