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Candice Appleby Crowned Hennessey’s World SUP Champ for the 3rd Time

Candice Appleby needs no introduction. She is one of the most amazing ocean athletes ever. A few days ago Candice women’s Elite 4-mile Race at the Hennessey's World SUP & Paddleboard Championships in Los Cabos, Mexico and also claimed the Hennessey’s World SUP Champion for the 3rd time.

The amazing SUP athlete felt right at home in Los Cabos. Not only that she performed outstanding during the race, but she also enjoyed the concerts, raffles and clinics. The entire Los Cabos community was involved in this cool SUP event. Candice and Anthony Vela also hosted a free kids SUP clinic through their business, Performance Paddling.

Asked what the secret to winning any race is or achieve any other goal in life is, Candice replied: "commitment is what it takes to win any race or achieve any goal for that matter. Commitment in training, commitment in mental focus, and commitment in believing that you can achieve the task at hand. If you're not committed, then you may as well not even try."