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Challenging the Pacific Northwest

SUP is viewed as a cool recreational sport by most people, but the magic of SUP goes way beyond that. It’s not all about guys and girls in bathing suits frolicking in tropical locales above aquamarine water. There are riders who love the ‘tough’ side of the sport and are on a constant search for a thrilling challenge.

Paddlers such as Karen Wrenn, Cyril Burguriere and Beau Whitehead from Kialoa Paddles stand among those daring athletes that enjoy the ride in the harshest conditions. This December they ventured out in the cold waters of the Pacific Northwest, and even if their faces and hands turned numb, they managed to enjoy a spectacular ride.

You can check out their impressive SUP ride in the video below, a video that captures their solitude, their peace and their passion for paddling even in the dead of winter.