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Connor Baxter and Annabel Anderson Win Big in Chicago

Windy City was the sixth stop on the Standup World Series agenda for this season. It was an action packed challenge, gathering the world’s best SUP riders for an amazing competition. All of them performed at their best in an attempt to win a place on the podium.

Kiwi Queen, Annabel Anderson, and Connor Baxter of Maui proved to be the most determined riders and marched towards the first positions on the podium in the men’s and respectively women’s divisions. Annabel continued her amazing winning streak, taking home victories in both the sprint and long distance races. Connor did the same thing, after missing the fifth stop of the Series in Germany.

Chicago World Paddle Challenge Results:

1st: Connor Baxter
2nd: Kai Lenny
3rd: Jake Jensen
4th: Zane Schweitzer
5th: Kody Kerbox

1st: Annabel Anderson
2nd: Angela Jackson
3rd: Noelani Sach

You can take a look at the Chicago World Paddle Challenge Long Distance and Sprint highlights in the related videos section below.