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Connor Baxter and Annabel Anderson Win the Bilbao World SUP Challenge

The fourth stop of the 2013 Standup World Series took Bilbao by storm, as the elite of SUP world battled to claim the titles. It seems like in the men’s division, Connor Baxter is invincible. He won both the long distance and sprint racing claiming the Bilbao World SUP Challenge title. This is his fourth consecutive win on the 2013 Standup World Series, a win very important in his way to world domination. He played strategically, waiting for the right moment to strike and burst into the lead to take the win and the sprints, he conserved energy through the heats and peaked in the Final.

Also in the men’s division, Maui’s Zane Schweitzer claimed the second place and Gaeten Sene the third one.

In the women’s division, New Zealand’s Annabel Anderson continued her winning streak and claimed the Bilbao World SUP Challenge title. She won both the Long Distance and Sprint races, showcasing her amazing level of performance and determination. She was followed by Sonja Honscheid in the second place and Laura Quetglas in the third one.

Hamburg is up next on the Stand Up World Series agenda, followed by the US Trilogy of events in Chicago, San Francisco and Huntington Beach.