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Cool Entries in the Boardworks Surf 2012 "What's Your Move?" Contest

The Boardworks Surf 2012 "What's Your Move?" has started in full throttle. Last year’s contest was a huge success, but this year’s edition will be bigger and better. The contest has just started and there are already some crazy videos approved for the race for the first prize.

All of the submitted entries that were reviewed and approved are now posed and you can watch them on the Boardworks Surf Facebook Page. The videos feature legitimate SUP tricks to funny bloopers. Check out a few sample clips in the related videos section below.

And remember that the Boardworks Surf 2012 "What's Your Move?" runs till the end of December and you can still take part in this cool contest. The first prize is a Mini Mod (you get to choose what size) and a Boardworks Carbon Kevlar paddle.